Tuesday, October 23, 2012


  Well everyone I am SUPER happy to say that a week from tomorrow is HALLOWEEN! It is my 2nd favorite holiday and boy do we celebrate! EVERYONE in my family dresses up...including the animals! I thought it would be cool to show some pictures from 2008 Halloween of Jake, my weiner dog! So enjoy!

Jake was 1 year old on this Halloween!

Well I hope you guys and gals enjoyed the pictures!

Monday, October 22, 2012


 Well everyone I now it's been a while......but I'm baaaaack!! I am so happy to be blogging again! Well fall is coming around here in Indiana! I went out this morning and snapped some photos for you all to see.

This picture was taken on my back deck! Isn't it a beautiful sight? Now for the update! First here is a picture of the Lil' farm we have here. It houses our 3 rabbits and 5 chickens! Soon the chicks will be moving to a bigger home though!

You have all seen the last post about our little chicks..right? Well now they are all grown up! They are outside now! Here are some pictures of our chickens!

They have gotten SO big! You would not believe! They grow up so fast too!

Well I hope you enjoyed this update! Bye!

Friday, September 7, 2012


 Well everyone you finally get to see Rafikki! My mom and I did a little Rafikki photo shoot today! We got some good pictures! I hope you enjoy these photos!  

Sunday, August 26, 2012


  Well everyone my babies are growin' too fast! They are practically all feather and no more fluff! It seems like yesterday they were all balls of fur! They definatley look grown up! Pretty soon they will be going outside to live! It makes me sad to think that they only have about 2 more weeks indoors:( Well here are some photos of my babies!

Here is my baby Toy, look how grown up!
Here is Toy again:)
This is Toy and her sisters!

Monday, August 13, 2012


   Well I'm excited to say that we took the baby chicks outside for the first time ever! We just wanted them to get a feel for what it was like. Turns out it was too hot and too humid, so we had to cut it short sadly. They had an excellent time while it lasted though! They were all following me around like I was their mother! It was adorable! Then they started pecking my leg! It kind of hurt, but then it kind of tickled! Anyway, look at these cute pictures!!

They were exploring my moms gated garden!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


   Well as you all know I went to the reptile expo yesterday! Well it went REALLY well....... I GOT A CRESTED GECKO!! I was stoked!! Well when I went there I knew we were just there to look, then we got to the crested geckos, and my parents said, "well your birthday is coming up." I looked at them and said, "WHAT?!?!" At that point I started crying!! So I ran to the bathroom! After that emotional moment,we went to pick out my new gecko! After I picked him out we bought all the supplies I needed, and headed home! I ended up naming it Rafikki! We don't know if it is a boy or girl yet because it is only 4 months old! Well sadly I can't post pictures of it, but I will soon! BYE!!:)

Thursday, August 9, 2012


   Well everyone, this Saturday I am going to the reptile expo! I am so excited! There are going to be so many types of reptiles there! Leopard geckos, Crested geckos, Bearded dragons, Gargoyle geckos, Tokay geckos, and snakes. I am not so thrilled with the snakes, but I will get over it.:) I will be making a post about the expo Saturday, and I will hopefully get some photos to show you guys! My mom isn't so thrilled with the snakes being there either! She HATES snakes, even more than I do! Thats a lot of hate! I am hoping she can keep her composure though!;) I will try to keep my composure as well!:) Well, BYE!:)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


   Well everyone I am SUPER excited to say that the baby chickens have arrived!! My mom, sister and I were actually out shopping and we got the phone call that the chicks were here!! So we went to pick them up! We got 5 females. I took the pleasure of naming 3 of them, and my sister named 1, and my mom is currently in the process of naming the 5th one! I named my chicky Toy,then I named 2 more Eggberta and Egglentine. My sister named her chicky Shelly! They are all so adorable! See for yourself!!

This pic was taken when they were snackin'....they were HUNGRY!

They actually hatched yesterday, they hatched at a farm called Meyer Hatcherey. It is located in Ohio. They are only 1 day old! So far everyone has enjoyed watching them waddle around. I'm sure there are a lot of fun memories in the future with these chickies!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


   Well today Gunner decided he was going to take a swim! It was the cutest thing ever! So I knew I had to snap a few shots with my camera! I was also kind of nervous, because he was splashing! I didn't want to get my camera wet! It was funny though, because he was putting his nose under water and blowing bubbles! It was hilarious! Hope you get a laugh out of these photos!

Here he is blowing bubbles!:)

Sunday, July 29, 2012


  Well everyone, I've had a very exciting weekend! When my mom picked me up from my friends awesome birthday party, she told me that my dad was at Lowes getting building supplies! So I automatically knew that we were getting more pets!! So after we got home from shopping at Lowes we started building an add- on to our rabbit hutch!! I was so excited!! My dad built another rabbit hutch/chicken coop!! Here is a pic of the finished product!

After we got done building, the next day we went to my uncles farm to pick out a new baby bunny!! I ended up picking this little guy!!

I decided to name him Dusty! He has this beautiful brown/gray color! He is so adorable!! I am so glad that my "Mini zoo" is growing! I just love spending time with ALL my pets! I know that Dusty will feel right at home! We will also be purchasing some chickens soon!! I am so excited!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


 Well hello everyone! I'm super sorry for not posting lately! I've been really busy! The sad thing is school is starting back up!:( I'm really bummed! That means less time with my pets! I wish Summer never ended! Anyways, my pets have been trying to avoid the dreadful heat! I've been having to put frozen water bottles in the rabbits cages! Gunner has been diving in his little kiddy pool we bought! Jake just hates potty time, because that means he has to go outside! Sammy and Jolly don't even know it's hot outside.:) Lily just LOVES the heat! Boy, she has just had a blast with this heat! Me, personally, I hate the heat! It has been dreadful! Other than the heat, the animals have been doing good!;) I  will post again Saturday, because tomorrow I am going to my best friends birthday party! So post ya later!:)

Friday, July 20, 2012


Well everyone, when I woke up around 5:40 I noticed that the power was out! So I automatically thought .......OH NO! LILY!! Reptiles need extreme heat, and I figured a reptile without heat is not a happy reptile! I started getting scared of course! So I had to come up with some "creative" ideas to keep her warm! The first thing I obviously did was hold her. Well considering leopard geckos can't make their own heat, I figured it was a smart idea to "let her borrow some of mine." After I held her I realized it was going to be a while before the power came back on! So I had to come up with more ideas! The 2nd thing I did was breathe warm air into her humid hide to get it humid again. Turns out, she didn't even go in there! So that plan was ruined! So I ripped a small blanket and started breathing warm air into it and rubbing it so it would get warm. Then I put it under her den so the heat would stay in it! Sure enough she went in there! Well if you were wondering, she survived the 3 hours the power had been off! YEAH! I was pretty proud of my ideas! And pretty happy she survived!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


   Well I recently let Daisy run outside, but don't worry she was fenced in! Anyways, she absolutley loved it! She would pounce around and stand on her hind legs! It was so cute and funny at the same time! I think she loves getting fresh air outside, even though she lives outside! Well here is an adorable pic of my girl Daisy! ENJOY!!

In this pic, Daisy is pouncing around!!

Friday, July 13, 2012


   Well hello everyone! Today's post is going to be about my Labrador Retreiver, Gunner. As I said in my very first post, Gunner is VERY energetic! He runs around all over the place, and chews on all sorts of things! You can never know for sure what he is doing! There is NEVER a dull moment with this pup!! He always has something he wants to do! Whether thats ransack the yard or chase bunnies, or even howl at random stuff! Anyways, here is a photo of this wild dog!! ENJOY!!

Here he is chewing on some random item!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


   Well for about a year or so now we have had wild rabbits living ALL around our house! Last year they were actually having their babies here!! So we were super excited to see baby bunnies hopping around! This year they had more babies!! So I got some great photos of the babies eating in our front yard! Well they aren't great, but good for pictures of wild rabbits! ENJOY!!
They were munchin' away!!

They are SOO cute!!

   The funny thing is, every morning the babies all come out and play! They hop around and chase eachother!! It is the funniest thing to witness!! They also all come out in the evening and munch on grass. Hope you enjoyed the photos!!

Friday, July 6, 2012


  Hey everyone! There is a recent epidemic that we need to stop! That epidemic is animal abuse! I have been seeing commercial after commercial about animal abuse! It just breaks my heart to see those poor animals. If it breaks your heart too, and you are an animal lover then take one of the badges on the side bar of my blog. All you do is right click the badge you like, then click save picture as. Save it where you want then go to your blog layout. Click add gadget and add picture. When done with that put it where you want it. We are the voice for the animals! So we need to speak up! We need to stop this!! NOW! Take a look at these horrible photos!!

Who could be so horrible to do this!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


   Today my post is going to be about my cockatiel, Sammy. We got Sammy from a local Harps. Well one day my mom took me to Harps, and we went to the back where the birds were. We came up to the cockatiel cage and thats when we saw Sammy. She would go up to other birds and sing, but they would bite at her! I felt horrible to see that poor little bird get bit at just for singing!! My mom felt bad too! So my mom sad "I think we need to buy her." So when we got home and got Sammy's cage together we put her in there. I believe that she liked it and still does! The really sad thing is that she was bullied so much that she doesn't trust us! Every time you get near her she hisses! It's not because of meaness, it's because she was bullied so much. I am glad that we rescued her. She is a very beautiful bird! We love her very much!

She truly is a beautiful bird!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


   Happy 4th of July everyone!! Sadly I can't post any pictures, because i'm at a party right now and my pictures are on the computer at home. Anyways, I hope everyone is having an excellent 4th of July!! Be sure to keep your pets safe on this holiday! And you be safe as well! Well actually i'm going to pull some cute 4th of July pics from the web! ENJOY!!

"We can enjoy holidays too!"


Hope you guys enjoyed those cute pictures I pulled from the web! Everyone have a safe, fun 4th of July!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


  Well last night I decided that it would be fun to have CONTEST TUESDAYS! Every Tuesday there will be a contest. I will explain the rules for that contest. And all contests will be pet related! So to officially start contest Tuesday, I will introduce the first contest! THE CUTEST PET CONTEST! What you will do is send your pet photo to my email (coldhampets@gmail.com) and I will  look at them all and decide the winner! And the winner will be posted the following Wednesday on the side bar for other bloggers to see!  ALL PHOTOS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY THE END OF TODAY!! I will NOT be able take any last minute photos. All submissions must be sent in by 7 p.m. tonight! Along with sending the photo, please send the name of your pet and your name or blog name!
                                                                Feel free to start sending photos!

Monday, July 2, 2012


  Well today Oreo met Jake! We thought it would be nice to give them a nice introductoin! They actually liked eachother! It was really sweet! At first it was kinda rough, but then it got better. It was really funny to see how they acted around each other! Well first we got our bunny pen out so we could put Oreo in it. Then we brought Jake out and put him next to the bunny pen. It was adorable! Enjoy some pics!!

In this picture Jake and Oreo have stare down!


In this picture they are sniffing eachother!

Sunday, July 1, 2012


  Well here in Indiana we are getting some VERY hot days! All the animals are bummed that it is so hot outside. The bunnies and Gunner especially hate it because they live outside. I don't think Lily minds that much though! She is a desert animal so that tells you why! Jake does not like heat AT ALL! So he has been super bummed. The highest its been this week was 107 degrees!! I'm not liking it either!

"I don't like this heat momma!"


"I hate heat!"


Saturday, June 30, 2012


 Hey guys and gals! Sorry I havn't posted in a while! I have had a busy week! I wasn't able to find the time to post. Well anyway, today I am going to make a post about my leopard gecko Lily. I thought it would be neat to make a post of feeding Lily! I have some really neat photos! So here they are!!

Lily sites mealworm!


Lily stares the mealworm down!





                                         Hope you guys enjoyed the photos!
                                              Feel free to leave comments!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012


   So today I'm going to make a post about Jolly! I want to take turns on which animal I post about each day! So today it is Jolly's turn. Today Jolly was energetic AS ALWAYS! So I just snapped some photos of her while she was playing! She is a really interesting bird. Like I said in my very first post she is a Caique. Caiques are very colorful birds, and noisy! Anyways, Caiques also LOVE to play, so that explains these photos! Enjoy!!  
Jolly is showin' off her colors!!


Peek-a-boo Jolly!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


  Today I decided to give the bunnies some fresh leaves! They LOVED them!! They were just chowin' down! It was so cute watching them eat! Well I knew I tried feeding them carrots, but for some odd reason they didn't like them. So then I started wondering if they would like leaves....and sure enough!!! I was happy to finally find a good snack for them. Here are some pictures of Oreo and Daisy munchin' on some fresh leaves.



Monday, June 18, 2012


  So today Jake was in the mood for playing with his toys! He would bark at me, which was a sign he wanted me to go get his toy basket. So I did and he ran over and grabbed his favorite chew toy! Then he would bark at me again, so I knew he wanted me to play with him. So I got on the ground and played with him for a little bit. I was surprised to see him wanting to play, ever since he started getting older he didn't play as much. Here are some pictures of him and his favorite toy!

In this picture he is licking his paws! How cute!!


Something tells me he is worn out!

Sunday, June 17, 2012



   I recently did some research on my leopard gecko and found out that they like going through things, like tunnels. So I thought it would be neat to make a "playground" for Lily. I wasn't really set out to buy anything so my creativity and I went to work! I took a big plastic box and some cardboard and started cutting! It ended up turning out really good! I put a little shelter(cool whip container with hole cut into it) in case she got scared. I put 2 tunnels in there as well, both made out of cardboard. I put a tube in there she could go through(toilet paper roll), and last but not least a "raised bed" also made of cardboard! It was really simple! Here is a picture of the finished product!

      I love making homemade toys for my pets, it saves ALOT of money! When I first put Lily in there she just walked around checking everything out. Then she started going through the tunnels! It was the cutest thing!! I was pretty happy with how it turned out!

Saturday, June 16, 2012


     The first pet I will introduce is my 6 year old miniature dachshund. He is the sweetest dog i've ever had! Even though he is old he can be really energetic! His name is Jake.
       The next pet I will introduce is my 2 year old Labrador Retreiver. He lives outside, unlike Jake. So they don't really get along. My Labs name is Gunner. He loves to run around and be crazy!
   Next I will introduce my Caique, for those of you who don't know what a Caique is, it's a type of parrot. She is very sweet, and loves to swing on her swing.
   Now I will introduce my Cockatiel, her name is Sammy. The sad thing about Sammy is she was some what abused by her past owner. So she doesn't really trust anyone. She hisses at people when they come near her cage. My mom rescued her from a bad environment.
     My dad built a rabbit hutch for me about a year ago. I was so excited! My first rabbit's name is Daisy, I got her as a little baby. Her mom died right after she was born.
                                    My second rabbit's name is Oreo. She is a wild child!
     Last, but not least my Leopard Gecko. Her name is Lily and she is 6 months old. She is so neat to watch. Geckos are interesting animals, and I have learned ALOT about them! I make sure I do research about an animal before I purchase them. It's definately a full house!