Monday, October 22, 2012


 Well everyone I now it's been a while......but I'm baaaaack!! I am so happy to be blogging again! Well fall is coming around here in Indiana! I went out this morning and snapped some photos for you all to see.

This picture was taken on my back deck! Isn't it a beautiful sight? Now for the update! First here is a picture of the Lil' farm we have here. It houses our 3 rabbits and 5 chickens! Soon the chicks will be moving to a bigger home though!

You have all seen the last post about our little chicks..right? Well now they are all grown up! They are outside now! Here are some pictures of our chickens!

They have gotten SO big! You would not believe! They grow up so fast too!

Well I hope you enjoyed this update! Bye!

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