Sunday, August 12, 2012


   Well as you all know I went to the reptile expo yesterday! Well it went REALLY well....... I GOT A CRESTED GECKO!! I was stoked!! Well when I went there I knew we were just there to look, then we got to the crested geckos, and my parents said, "well your birthday is coming up." I looked at them and said, "WHAT?!?!" At that point I started crying!! So I ran to the bathroom! After that emotional moment,we went to pick out my new gecko! After I picked him out we bought all the supplies I needed, and headed home! I ended up naming it Rafikki! We don't know if it is a boy or girl yet because it is only 4 months old! Well sadly I can't post pictures of it, but I will soon! BYE!!:)

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