Thursday, August 9, 2012


   Well everyone, this Saturday I am going to the reptile expo! I am so excited! There are going to be so many types of reptiles there! Leopard geckos, Crested geckos, Bearded dragons, Gargoyle geckos, Tokay geckos, and snakes. I am not so thrilled with the snakes, but I will get over it.:) I will be making a post about the expo Saturday, and I will hopefully get some photos to show you guys! My mom isn't so thrilled with the snakes being there either! She HATES snakes, even more than I do! Thats a lot of hate! I am hoping she can keep her composure though!;) I will try to keep my composure as well!:) Well, BYE!:)


  1. Looking forward to going to the expo as well! I will have my expert reptile enthusiast, aka my daughter, with me so it will be lots of fun! Have fun! Mindy

  2. Hey! Have fun at the expo! I was going to invite you shopping but you never texted back. So then I called you but your phone is off. Still grounded? If you are that sucks, if you're not, then turn your phone on woman! Hopefully I will see you today at orientation. I am going at 2:30 so if you don't know when you're going, go at 2:30! I miss you!